Volleyball Rules

Captain’s Quarters 2024 Volleyball Rules

  1. All players must be 19 years of age
  2. Roster and waiver to be signed and handed in to Captains Quarters.
  3. Players may not play on more than one team per nights
  4. If a tournament is to be played at end of season, eligible players are those on the team roster including subs. No new players can play,.
    Any subs playing in tournament have to have played 4 or more games during regular season. Only 10 persons to roster including subs.


  1. No glass allowed on volleyball courts
  2. No smoking on volleyball courts
  3. No outside beverages or food to be brought on premises must be purchased from Captains Quarters
  4. Ref will flip a coin for side and serve determination for games 1 and 3
  5. Game start times will be as stated on the schedule which is posted on Captains Quarters website
  6. All games to be played as followed: games are played to 21 points with a cap of 23. All games scored on a rally score basis.
  7. 6 player coed team may not play with less than 4 players. If only 5 players the mix can be as follows: 3 girls and 2 guys or 2 girls 3 guys; however a girl must hit the ball over the net. If playing 6 the mix can be as follows: 3 girls 3 guys, 4 girls 2 guys, you may not play 4 guys 2girls. Again, a girl must hit the ball over the net if more than one hit. You may not play with fewer than 4 players and guy to girl ration must be even.
  8. If you have fewer than 4 players you will be forfeited and opposite team will be awarded the win.
  9. You have 10 minutes from the time you are to start playing to wait for a late team mate, after 10 minutes you will forfeit to opposing team that game.
  10. Time Outs: You are allowed two 30 second time outs per game. Time outs can’t be called until play is dead, not during play of game.
  11. Captains of teams will sign refs score sheet and the end of each match verifying the ref has correctly noted the winning team and scores
  12. In the event of bad weather contact Captains Quarters 847-395-3569 for cancellations. Rescheduled dates for any make-up games will be posted on the website
  13. Teams will rotate clockwise each time they win the serve
  14. Teams may rotate players into their line up at the middle back position only
  15. A server must wait for the refs signal before serving. He/She then has 8 seconds to serve the ball
  16. A server may serve from anywhere behind the back line and must not step on, under, or in front of the back line when serving the ball
  17. A served ball must be released or tossed for service and may be served under or overhand
  18. Upon release of the serve, if a miss toss occurs, you must allow the ball to fall to the ground
  19. A served ball cannot be blocked, spiked or attacked.
  20. Max 3 hits per side. Female must hit ball once if more than 1 hit occurs, a player may touch the ball with any part of the body
  21. Players may not hit the ball twice in succession except, when receiving a serve a player may have successive contacts with the ball during single attempt provided the fingers are not used to direct the ball
  22. Blocking does not constitute hitting the ball
  23. A ball must break the plane of the net before it is hit by an opposing player
  24. The ball may be played off the net
  25. A ball touching a boundary line is considered in bounds
  26. If two or more players of the same team contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one play and the players involved may not participate in the next play
  27. A player may not contact the net with any part of their body or clothing. If this occurs foul will be called and opposing team gets possession of serve
  28. A back row player may participate in a block. If there is only one male front row player
  29. Back row players can only spike the ball from behind the 10ft line
  30. You may not touch the ref stand or the poles to aid your advantage when ball in play.
  31. Players leaving the game for any reason (except rotation) must sit out the balance of the game
  32. Any player threatening an official will be dropped from the league.

Basic Violations

  • Failure to serve the correct order
  • Stepping on or over the line on a serve
  • Hitting the ball illegally(carrying, palming, throwing slapping, etc)
  • Touching the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play unless the ball drives the net into the opposing team player
  • Reaching over the net except under the following conditions:
    o When executing a follow through
    o When blocking a ball, which is in the opponents court but is being returned. Except to block the third hit,, the blocker must not contact the ball until after the opponent who is attempting to return the ball makes contact
  • Reaching under the net if it interferes with the ball or opposing players participating in the play


Standings will be updated each week and will be posted on the captains quarters website by Friday the same week.

Standings will be based on a game (not match) win/loss record

In case of an end of season tie for 1st 2nd or 3rd place head to head competition during the regular season will determine the winner. If necessary, the head to head point differential will be used. If a tie still exists, a final game may be played if decided upon by captains quarters,

Captains Quarters will make final decisions regarding any conflicts or issues not covered above!

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